How to Buy a Sofa For Your Home in Ghana

Some people cannot buy without really trying out what they are buying whether it a dress or piece of furniture. The idea that buying a sofa without sitting on it first can seem like a leap of faith – but it should not be. In fact, with a little know-how and some savvy research, buying a sofa online can be simple and stress-free. Here’s how to buy a sofa for your home online.

Couch considerations

  • How many people does it need to seat?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you have children and/or pets? Some fabrics are more durable than others. Check out the fabric types below to find the best fit for your home.
  • Is style or comfort the main consideration? If you’re buying a sofa that’s mostly ‘just for show’ then comfort may not matter over on-trend features. If this is going to be your main spot for napping/slouching/movie-marathoning then comfort is key.
  • Space – check out the measuring guide below for help to ensure it will fit.
  • Read the reviews. This can be a really helpful step in your research as your fellow sofa-seekers will give you a completely honest and unfiltered insight into how the sofa looks and feels. Look out for people who have uploaded images of their new purchase in their home.
  • Check out the guarantee.

Check The Sofa by type

2-Seater Sofas

A black Habitat 2 seater velvet sofa in with wooden legs.

3-4 Seater Sofas

The blue Habitat Swift 3-seater velvet sofa in a modern lounge setting.

Corner Sofas

Comfort Module L-Shape Sofa

Recliner Sofas

The grey Argos Home Paolo 3-seater manual recliner sofa in a smart lounge setting.

Sofa Beds

The orange Habitat Kota 3-seater fabric sofa bed with a large grey cushion on it.

Cuddle Chairs

The orange Habitat Jackson velvet cuddle chair in a smart lounge.

Consider The Style of Sofa


MID-CENTURY sofa in Ghana

Characterized by a clean-lined, rectangular shape, tufted back and seat cushions, and solid, wood legs, the Mid-Century sofa is the ideal choice if you love the “Mad Men” aesthetic.


Buy Chesterfield sofa style in Ghana

You can easily spot these for their quilted, button-detail back and rolled arms which are the same height as the back of the sofa. These are a stylish pick, and comfy too if you like a more structured seat – a few cushions will make the button detailing more comfortable for lounging on.


best sofa styles

While a love seat and a settee are often used synonymously, there are actually some differences between the two. While a settee traditionally fits two or more people, a love seat is designed to specifically fit two. Unlike settees, loveseats are always sold as an individual piece of furniture, and cannot be attached to sectionals (sectionals use settees)

Lawson Style Sofa

The lawson style sofa in Ghana

Unlike the English Roll Arm sofa, the back cushions of a Lawson are also loose. The arms aren’t necessarily rounded, either.


Choosing your sofa fabric

Do you have a material in mind? Even in the same shade, different finishes can completely change the look, feel and practicality of a sofa – we’ll help you find the one that’s right for you…

The orange Habitat Fenner velvet sofa in a navy lounge setting.

Velvet sofas

Velvet is the super silky, on-trend option. We have a velvet for everyone from super-luxe to spill-resistant. Be sure to check out the fabric options on your chosen sofa so you can select the right velvet for your needs. Oh, and did we mention how soft it is? Perfect for snuggling into.

A Habitat 4 seater black leather sofa placed in a living room in front of a wooden coffee table.

Leather sofas

The hardwearing, classic option. Most of our range is ‘top grain leather’ which means we’ve buffed away any blemishes to create an even finish that is preserved with a top coat. For a more natural-looking leather opt for semi-aniline, which has the natural grain on show but is lightly coated to make it more durable vs 100% aniline.

The black Argos Home Toby 3-seater faux leather recliner sofa in black.

Faux leather sofas

The ‘leather look for less’ option. Made from PU or PVC that give synthetic fibres the look of leather. PU generally offers a more realistic imitation of genuine leather but is usually more expensive than PVC (but still a cheaper alternative to real leather sofas). They’re durable and tend not to crack or fade over time.

The yellow Habitat Cooper 2-seater fabric sofa in a retro-style lounge.

Fabric sofas

Fabric sofas are invitingly snug. Choose from soft and cozy chenille to light and airy cotton or cotton blends. If you need something a little more family-friendly, opt for polycotton. Synthetic fibres such as polyester are strong, especially when mixed with other fabrics like lurex and nylon, so it’s a great choice for high-traffic areas.

Made to order sofas

A grey made to order sofa with colourful scatter cushions in front of a long coffee table.

Create your perfect sofa

Choose from a wide selection of styles, fabrics and colours, and we’ll handcraft your very own sofa design.

As the sofa is carefully made just for you, it can take up to 16 weeks to craft. If you choose fabric, we recommend you order swatches first, so you are absolutely sure of the look and feel. Visit our made to order sofa guide to find out more.

The yellow Habitat Layla 4-seater velvet sofa in an industrial-style lounge.

Bold and bright

The silver Argos Home Megan 3-seater fabric sofa in a glam lounge setting.

Luxe living

The light grey Habitat Joshua left corner fabric sofa in a fresh lounge setting.

Scandi inspired

Shop by sofa colour

Grey sofas

The grey Habitat Joshua 3-seater fabric sofa in a light, bright lounge setting.

Black sofas, Green sofas, blue sofas

Small sofas and space solutions

The charcoal Habitat Remi 2-seater fabric chaise in a box sofa in a dark but cosy lounge setting.

If you’re short on space, compact or modular styles work really well. Some (like this brooding lovely) come packed in just a couple of slimline boxes ready to be assembled (ideal if you’re going to be moving around rentals). If you’re looking for a bedroom sofa or a kitchen sofa, these compact choices may be just the ticket.

Measuring for your sofa

Of course, you’ll need to make sure your sofa is the right fit for its new home, but you’ll also need to consider how it will get there (a sofa package that can’t fit through your door frame = sad face). Measuring correctly is pretty important, so we’ve broken it down into steps.

1. Know your measurements

1. Know your measurements

You’ll find these details in the product description of your chosen sofa.

  1. Floor to seat height: The height from the floor to the top of the seat.
  2. Arm rest height: The inside arm height; from the top of the seat to the top of the arm.
  3. Width between arm rests: The distance between the inside of both arm rests. The longer the width, the more space there is for people to sit.
  4. Seat depth: The distance from the front of the seat to the back. The deeper the seat, the further your feet are from the floor. A depth of 61cm is good for curling up with a loved one.
  5. Seat back height: The height of the back seat; going from the top of the bottom seat to the top of the back. Taller seat backs provide firm back and neck support.

2. Assess the space you have

You probably know if you want a 2, 3, 4 or corner seater depending on how many spaces you need. If you’re replacing like-for-like you can use your current sofa as a guide – just compare the measurements to something you like online. Going for something new? Use masking tape, newspaper or even cardboard boxes to map out the area of the sofa you like.

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3. Make sure you can get it to your room

What is the journey that your sofa will need to make to get from the delivery van to its new home? Many of our sofas will arrive in one or two boxes, and we’ve included the measurements for these packages in the description. With these in mind, measure the height and width of any door frames or stairwells that you’ll encounter on your way.

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