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Most people depend on a range of home care or home cleaning products to maintain their homes. More and more people are becoming aware that the ingredients that make up those products can have an impact on human and the environment. To maintain our products as one of the best home care products in Africa,  We combine quality, innovation, and affordability to provide home care products that meet the needs of the family and give our stakeholders maximum returns.

Below is the list of some of the Best Home Care Products in Ghana

Yazz Washing Powder

Yazz washing powder made in Ghana

Comes with active enzymes specially formulated to remove the toughest stains and makes washing easier. Its perfumed blue speckles leave clothes smelling fresh and it is suitable for both hands and washing machine. Yazz washing powder is very tough on stains but clinically tested to be very friendly on human hands. The Yazz Washing Powder is also affordable and is of the highest quality.

Yazz Sanitary Pad

yazz sanitary pads

This number one sanitary pad on the Ghana market is specially developed with cotton sheets to ensure maximum absorption, comfort and confidence. The pad Contains, six heavy flow, six (6) normal flow pads, free panty liner and a disposable bag for easy carriage. Comes in four (4) variant- Normal, Heavy, Minty and the new addition Extra-large. The sanitary pads have been well designed to cater for every woman’s needs, hence its four available options.

Yazz Baby Wipes

Baby Diaper

An alcohol–free scented skincare wipe and cleans and treats the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. The wipes are well made to ensure babies enjoy its use and also leave parents feeling comfortable at the sight of a happy child. 

Yazz Toothpaste

The Yazz tooth paste Contains Calcium Carbonate, fluoride and Sodium to improve the strength of the teeth and prevent decay. It cares for your teeth and refreshes your breath. It protects your teeth against foul smell, bleeding, plaque, swollen gum and cavities. Comes in three (3) variants- Total Care, Whitening and Herbal. The toothpaste is made to withstand the tropical weather that we live in, here in Ghana and hence ensures an all-round protection for the teeth, no matter what is exposed to it.

Yazz Toilet Tissue

The Yazz Toilet Tissue is produced locally in Ghana and its 100% Virgin Pulp. It has 10 pieces in a pack and can be used for sanitary activities in the washroom. The product is well designed to cater for the consumer’s needs taking into consideration the African’s silky skin.

Yazz Kitchen Towel

Yazz Kitchen Towel is a Multipurpose cleaner produced here in Ghana by adhering to the highest of standards. The Kitchen Towel is well laminated, with a thread for easy tearing by Consumers. The kitchen Towel can be used to clean all spills in the kitchen, to clean hands after washing it and other sanitary purposes in the home, office and other places.

Yazz Tissue Napkins

The Yazz Tissue Napkin is produced in Ghana and comes in 1 ply, well made to absorb any liquid substance. The Tissue Napkin is a small piece of tissue cloth, square in form and can be used to wipe the lips and fingers while or after eating. The tissue Napkins can also be used to protect clothes while eating.

Yazz Toothbrush

With unique bristles which helps in effective removal of foods particles from the teeth. The Yazz toothbrush comes with an innovative tongue cleaner, carefully designed to gently clean the tongue and a flexible handle for easy grip.

Yazz Hand-Wash 

Creamy liquid soap four (4) sweet-smelling flavors – Honey Blossom, Milk & Honey, Caramel and Pomegranate. Contains D- Panthenol; a nutrient from the B vitamins family and glycerin helps to seal in moisture and keep the skin moisturized, smooth and healthy.

All-Purpose Cleaner

This concentrated multi-purpose washing and cleaning preparations is suitable for all washable surfaces. It has high cleaning and degreasing efficiency, does not leave smudges, removes dirt 100% and comes in two (2) variants – Sky Blue and Blossom Meadow.

Yazz Bleach

With an operating time of five minutes, this bactericidal and fungicidal product is suitable for all types of surfaces and permeates hard-to-reach corners leaving them clean and germ-free.

Yazz Panty Liner

A one-size-fit-all liner carefully designed to give maximum protection and comfort all day long.

Yazz Hand Sanitizer

Specially formulated with germ protection properties which kills germs up to 99%. Also contains moisturizer and vitamins E to keep hands clean and fresh.

Roxx Washing Powder

Soft Brilliant on coloured clothes and easy on the hands.

Roxx Baby Diaper

It is super absorbent, locks urine by SAP, ultra comfort, protects and keeps the baby’s skin dry.

Yazz WC Cleaner

An agent for cleaning bathhouse, hands basins and toilet bowls. Its high cleaning efficiency makes it ideal for rust and scale removal.

Yazz Ultra Dish-Wash

A liquid soap with extra decreasing power assists which assists with the easy cleaning of greasy kitchenware. Comes with four (4) variants – Cherry, Apple, Pomegranate and Lime.

Yazz Baby Diapers

Has super absorption and locks urine by SAP, a breathable back sheet that diffuses heat to protect and keep the baby’s skin dry and smooth. Comes in two sizes – Maxi and Midi.

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